christian binz – set & costume design

HIGH NOON JR. - SignsHIGH NOON JR. - Model of Western TownHIGHNOON-WagonHIGHNOON-Wagon DetailHGHNOON-HorseHIGH NOON JR. - Horse DummiesHIGHNOON-Horse "Blondie"Audrey II BabyLITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Audrey IIWHITE HORSE INN - Udder ProstheticsA FUNNY THING HAPPENED - Silicon Tits ProstheticsProsthetic bellyWOYZECK- Mechanical MonkeyWOYZECK - Kind MarieFOOTLOOSE - Room RenABSOLUTE SAHNE- E.T. puppetKISS ME KATE - Black and White Dressing Table Props